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Makos Infotech is dedicated to providing 360° Value, which includes partnering with our clients to advance diversity and inclusion, reskill and upskill their workforce, accomplish their sustainability goals, and create significant moments for their clients, employees, and communities.

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We strictly enforce the rule that no personal investments are accepted at our business. Our attention is on seasoned business owners and qualified venture capitalists who have dealt with the difficulties of starting a company. We know that starting a business can be difficult, full of ups and downs and that only those who have gone through it are prepared to handle it. We understand that, even with a well-thought-out strategy and an excellent execution team, investing in businesses is a high-risk activity. A variety of things can impact a venture's success. Because of this, we have a long-term strategy and a minimum 3-year plan for creating outstanding businesses that improve people's lives. We think creating something unique and having a positive impact comes with financial rewards. Our ultimate objective is to build a business that has a profound impact and offers our investors respectable profits.

❝We only accept investment from individuals who share our ambitious vision and are committed for the long term.❞

Investing in Makos Infotech: Follow These Golden Rules

Long-term outlook: We seek investors who share our long-term outlook for success and growth over a minimum period of 3 years. We still have a lot of work ahead of us; our three-year plan is just the beginning.
Investors with experience: We only accept investments from seasoned businesspeople and qualified venture capitalists with prior entrepreneurial experience. We want partners with the experience to handle the ups and downs of this trip because it can be challenging.
Values alignment: We are looking for investors who share our commitment to inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and generating positive social change and our daring ambition for positive social impact.
Risk tolerance: Investing in businesses usually involves some risk, despite having a solid plan and an excellent execution team. There are no assurances in the startup sector. Thus, we prefer investors with a high-risk tolerance.
Patience: It takes time to build a successful firm, and we need investors with the perseverance to see it through. Our goal is to build a business that will have a beneficial impact on people's lives, and we think it will naturally lead to financial success.

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